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Famous both for its vast beaches of white and fine sand that expand on the area of nearly 5 kilometeres and for its crystal clear sea water which has got numerous “Bandiera Blu”(an award which goes to the clearest and cleanest sea shores) awards, Vada is a very attractive seaside resort for the tourists from all over the world.

On the seashore framed by magnificent shadowy pine trees you will be able to find private bathing stations with chaise long and … for rent along with wonderful free beaches.

The well-known “Secche di Vada” are the areas where the water level is low and  fishing is just perfect! La Rada del Saraceno, the pinewood of Pietra Bianca, Molino a Fuoco, la Mazzanta – are only some of the charming corners of this area full of ancient history.

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In fact, Vada has been founded as a harbour by the population of Volterra and it first appears in the documents dating back to 300 b.C. and had been mentioned by Cicero and other ancient latin authors. Later on, it becomes a shelter for the Saracene bucaneers who were gaining their fortunes in the nearby sea which still keeps in its depths numerous amphoras - the reminiscence of those days.

Both peaceful and full of joy and entertainment, home to various sport activities and perfect place just to relax – Vada is a right choice whatever your ideal vacation is. It is also an important navigation centre and has a tourisitc harbour fit with all necessary equipment. Last but not least – the tipical kitchen of this area is particularly creative and varied – as it is a perfect example of Mediterranean cuisine enriched with Tuscan tradition.

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